Website maintenance

Starting $70 USD / month only.

Cut all expenses to one price.

Normally, you’d have to pay fees to various providers in order to keep your website live. For example, a hosting fee to a hosting provider, domain renewal fee, and fees for each email account that belongs in your company.

Not to mention, a website developer for each time your website malfunctions due to an update, plugins conflict, hacks or other technical issues. Not the case with Webpears’ clients. We allocate a dedicated developer to your site, keeping an eye for potential problems and fixing them up for free, before you notice them. Oh, and we tweak and do minor site redesigns absolutely free.

Our plan is inclusive of everything you need – combined into one price. Unlike other services out there, you’re free to transfer your website, domain or email accounts to anywhere at anytime – no questions asked and no contracts to sign.

  • Free bug fixes.
  • Free content upload.
  • Site performance optimisation.
  • No hosting fees.
  • Free domain renewal.
  • Updating & plugins management.
  • Help & support.
  • Free & unlimited email accounts.
  • Set up on your mobile and computer.